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Connect with Customers On Mobile

Customers engage with brands on mobile more each year.

RTB House In-app campaigns are backed by Deep Learning algorithms which perform 2,500 times more operations, achieving up to 50% more efficiency with the same budget.

Mobile engagement will reach 73% of total ecommerce by 2021

90% of mobile time is spent within apps

Users spend 4.2 hours on average using mobile apps per day

RTB House offers Deep Learning-powered solution

Boost your revenue and reach with outstanding performance uplift








of sales to

ad spend

Up to

Up to


Drive More Conversions and Sales


Retention Rates

App Usage

Maintain Brand Consistency

Boost results with performance-driven models, even in a closed budget scenario.

Increase engagement of current users and reactivate dormant ones by driving them back to your app.

Target users based on various events redirecting them to App thanks to Deep Linking.

Preserve cross-channel brand identity across web, mobile and In-app touchpoints with best-in-class banners.

4 reasons to run In-app campaign with RTB House

Drive More Conversions and Sales

Running In-app campaigns with RTB House as an additional marketing provider gives you extra conversions compared to your current marketing strategy.

RTB House helps you gain extra conversions on top of your marketing strategy

Room for improvement even in a closed budget scenario

Increase Retention Rates

Beat the challenge of low retention rates—only 3.1% of users return to an app after 30 days of installation. Studies confirm that retargeting campaigns boost retention rates over time. Retargeters see a 3.3x increase in the number of conversions among the same apps running campaigns globally.

Apps which use remarketing gain 85% higher retention rates in week 12 and 70% higher 30 day rate compared to apps not running such campaigns.


higher retention rates in week 12

higher retention rates in day 30


Optimize App Usage

Your users visit an average of 20 different apps per month and 3 hours a day on average. Leverage high-engagement mobile time and reach them when they browse the news, play games or use social and messaging apps.

Cart Abandonment

Money spent acquiring a customer goes down the drain when your customer abandons their shopping cart

Targeted Reactivation

RTB House campaigns reach your users as they browse other apps, reactivating them with your brand, message and products relevant to their interests

Finalized Sale

Attract, remind, and re-engage users back to a specific, personalized product offering in your app thanks to Deep Linking technology

Redirect users to your app with personalized products recommendations

= Reach users who opt-out of push notifications or those who don't react to them

= Reactivate dormant users who were inactive or have abandoned your app

Keep brand consistency

We’ve developed a wide portfolio of the best-in-class banners which are designed to achieve your exact business objectives while keeping consistency throughout your marketing activities.

Success stories

Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia. Learn how RTB House helped to increase the campaign’s performance by showing the most relevant offers and ads to both Active and Lapsed users. is an e-commerce platform aiming to become no. 1 in Indonesia. RTB House brought them one step closer to its goal by generating higher revenue from loyal customers and increasing the number of transactions through prospecting for new ones.

Trendyol is the leading
e-commerce platform in Turkey serving over 16 million customers. RTB House In-app campaigns bring them 2.5x higher volume with a higher ROI than other retargeting partners.

Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality businesses across Middle East, Africa and India. Find out more about how RTH House runs their In-app campaigns with 5% CR delivering 11% of overall revenue.

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a marketing solutions and technology provider

2020 Silver Stevie® Award in

the Most Innovative Company of the Year category, third year in a row

Named one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in tech sector by Financial Times 1000 in 2022

2021 Bronze Stevie® Award for Streaming Video Ads

2020 MarTech Breakthrough Award in the AdTech Innovation category

2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards for AI Full Funnel Marketing Solutions

2022 The Drum Digital Advertising Award for Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading (buy side)

2020 Gold Stevie® Award for AI Full Funnel Solutions

One of the 2022 AdExchanger's Top 50 Programmatic Power Players

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